How to wear a hat


The latest trend in blogland seems to be to post an old photo and confess that you don’t know how to wear a hat. I’m only going to join in with part of this fashion. I have posted the photo, probably taken sometime in the summer of ’59 judging by the inability of my sister to escape on two legs but I will not join those who say they know not how to wear a hat. For someone of such tender years I wear it well AND with a charming smile.

It’s strange how small the garden of our brand-new bungalow looks. To me it always seemed enormous and I was convinced that both lions and tigers lived at the bottom, not to mention the snakes.

Who’s next in the hat parade?

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6 Responses to “How to wear a hat”

  1. Bluestalking Reader Says:

    You’re so sweet! I looked like a troll baby at that age. I had spiked ears! I’m surprised my mother didn’t scream in horror and toss holy water on me. Well, I guess she well could have…

  2. callmemadam Says:

    Cute hat. You had colour photographs in 1959? Posher than us!

  3. daphne sayed Says:

    I have read all these blogs and have so enjoyed them. You have a wonderful writing style.

  4. craftypeople Says:

    Well they weren’t really colour PHOTOS as such. They were transparencies, or slides as we used to call them. It was so very exciting having a slide show. EVery single slide ever shot by myfather would come out and would be loaded into the push-me-pull-you slide holder, one at a time. The shows took so long that we were almost asleep by the time we got all through them. It was so very exotic. You see I am a foreigner. I was born abroad, I have TWO birth certificates, unlike my insignificant sister who was born in ENGLAND, poor thing. And it doesn’t count if she was “in mummy’s tummy on the way home”. I win hands down. We won’t even mention sister number two who was way too young to join in the argument, I mean discussioon.

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  6. milligfunk Says:

    Not old photos, but the hats are antique, and I clearly don’t know how to wear them, lol.

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