Aye, we were that poor (pronounced poo-er) . . .

Ruth & Clare in box

We only ‘ad one ‘at! I kid you not. This is the same hat that I was sporting in my previous post. The smile seems to have left my face now that sis has it. Notice how she favours the on the back of the head method in contrast to my tipped forward air of mystery methodology. In true sisterly fashion, behind the, ‘I couldn’t care less’ attitude, I know I am thinking my favourite ripost, “well I was born FIRST”.

Not only did the two of us have to share this hat, which anyone belonged to our father (not Our Father who art in heaven but our father who art probably pointingthe camera at us) BUT, if I can find the evidence somewhere you will be able to see that Ms Holloway No.3 will also have a share in it more than ten years later. Really!! They knew ‘ow to make ‘ats in them days.


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