Lazy Weekend


 A lazy weekend, apart from a bit of a walk with my little darling in the Woodland Gardens at Bushy Park.

The daffodils and crocuses have all died down, of course, but the rhododendrons were wearing their Sunday best even though it was only Saturday.

The light  under the oak trees was magical. I know that Keats (or was it someone else?) is supposed to have made up the word “beechen” for the colour of beech leaves.

Somehow “oaken” will not capture the essence of the colour that we experienced yesterday.


Bushy Park is undergoing significant restoration with the aid of a Heritage Lottery grant and as a consequence it has been severely tidied up.


The overgrown jungles that served as hiding places for the children when I walked through the gardens with my aunt have been tamed and replanted with young plants that will last for the next generation of weekend visitors.

The house is Bushy House, originally built around 1663 for the extravagant amount of £4000. It is not actually in the Woodland Gardens, but just outside as is the tree stump that yielded me my texture pictures.




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