Winter Lace a pre-Christmas walk

I’m not very good at dragging myself out for a walk but luckily TLM (the loom monkey) is home for Christmas and ever keen to do a bit of mapping for  OpenStreeMap.  So we went for a 3 hour walk in the Teddington direction and then looping back home. The photos were taken in one of the Woodland Gardens in Bushy Park just as the light started to go. It was rather like being in a magical wood, slightly spooky but special. 


3 Responses to “Winter Lace a pre-Christmas walk”

  1. Harriet Says:

    Clever stuff — lovely!

  2. anneholloway Says:

    wish I’d done the walk – haven’t been out and about in ages – just work to home to shops to home to work to home – you get the picture.

  3. Diana Says:

    Hi Ruth, thanks for leaving me the link to this…lovely photos, and eerie with that beautiful blueish light.

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