Mini rug

Some of you have been supporting me while I try to warp my loom up again and get weaving. Here’s my attempt using some bits and bobs lying around. Next I promise I will listen to you all and plan. Meanwhile here are my strange selvedges and warp-faults for you to give me feed-back on. It is just under A4 in size.

On my 4-shaft counterbalance loom I threaded my heddles up going through shafts 1234,1234
only used the first 4 pedals and treadled 1&2, 2&3, 3&4, 4&1 …..

I have a feeling that this would be an appropriate time to learn about BALANCED WEAVE, & warp-faced & weft-faced.




Can’t work out how I got these “loopy” bits on the selvedge unless I mis-treadled sometimes.
Any ideas?



2 Responses to “Mini rug”

  1. Maggie Stearn Says:

    Hi. Brave you. Your loopy edge may well be due to slack warp threads. It can be good to double the selvedge thread. Experiment with which side to start throwing your shuttle from and on which lift to get the selvedge thread included each time. If you have a multiple of 4 warp threads this should be possible.
    All the best

  2. Alison Daykin Says:

    Hi Ruth
    Like Maggie says, try throwing your shuttle from the other side if you get the edge warp end skipped. Or, if the shuttle comes from under the last warp end and the next throw of the shuttle takes it the same way (under again), take your shuttle over that end before passing it through the shed. The same if the shuttle passes over the last warp end and has to pass over it again for the next weft, pass the shuttle under it by hand before sending the shuttle through the shed.
    Hope that makes sense.

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