SUNDAY SALON: Nearly finished – what’s next?


During the past week I have been reading

I was so engrossed with it that just as I stepped off the train at my station, and the automatic doors shut, I realised that I had left my other bag with a file from work and a poster for my son on the seat INSIDE the train. The ticket office was just closing and the chap there tried to call the station at the end of the line, but just as he had expected they had left for the evening. So I had an unexpected 30 mins of reading time, whilst I slowly froze, waiting for my train to come back in the other direction.

I could have kissed the guard when I discovered he had my bag in his guardsvan. He looked extremely uncomfortable when I expressed my feeling of gratitude to him! I still have a few pages left so I will save any comments till later. For now I will just say that it has turned out to be a surprising book.

So what will I turn to next? I’ve just popped over to Harriet’s blog. In fact I still have it open in another tab as I am lapping up the Sonific music she has playing there at the moment. Harriet has tempted me to consider reading Sarah Stovell’s ….


I don’t have the book yet so I may have to read one or two from the tottering TBR heap first. Have a good Sunday Salon everyone.



2 Responses to “SUNDAY SALON: Nearly finished – what’s next?”

  1. Ann Darnton Says:

    I have heard so many contrasting reports about ‘Mr Pip’ that I simply going to have to read it myself in order to make my own mind up. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has these ‘lapses of mind’. I forgot to get off the train at the station where I’d left my car the other day. Fortunately there are three trains an hour. It would have been just my luck to have been on the last one for the day.

  2. Literary Feline Says:

    Mr. Pip seems to be a popular choice in recent months, and I imagine I will find my way to it eventually. I’ll be curious to read your thoughts on it when you finally do finish that last page.

    I am glad you were able to retrieve your bag without too much trouble. Another example of why having a book with you to pass the time is a must. Of course, we’ll let it slide that the book was the reason you forgot your bag in the first place. Haha

    Have a great week!

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