Mid-Century Modern for Men (as seen on www.retrotogo.com)

Pigletchops offers limited edition men’s shirts made from classic 1950s Mary White textiles

Piglet A mix of the old and the new – new shirts made from vintage textile designs – Pigletchops limited edition Mary White textile shirts.

Mary White was a successful textile designer in the 1950s – producing textiles for the likes of Heals, Liberty, Edinburgh Weavers, David Whitehead and Turnbull & Stockdale. In fact, some of her designs reside in places like the V&A and The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester.

The shirts are the work of Mary’s daughter-in-law, produced in limited numbers (100 of each) from 1950s designs created then stored away…until now. All the shirts are semi-fitted, made of 100 per cent cotton poplin and have a two-button single cuff. They retail for £149 each.

Find out more at the Pigletchops website

If you are wondering why I’ve suddenly stopped talking about books or yarn then I will explain. Back when I was a very mature student I went to a jumble sale and caught glimpse of a pair of curtains that yelled 1 9 5 0 s to me. I dragged those curtains out, handed over my 50p (‘cos they were just clearing up and had to get rid of everything) and decided I would do my dissertation on them, When my tutor told me there was no way I could because I would never be able to find enough out about the designer it was like red rag to a bull and the rest is history. The curtains were “Cottage Garden” by Mary White and manufactured by Heals.

I’m thrilled that Mary White’s work is being seen again or rather in the case of these designs, for the first time because these are designs that she didn’t let anyone buy at the time. They have been biding their time in her loft and now when we are ready to appreciate such things again she has allowed them to be used in these limited edition shirts. I can’t help wondering if young designers of today will prove to have work that stands the test of time so well.


2 Responses to “Mid-Century Modern for Men (as seen on www.retrotogo.com)”

  1. dovegreyreader Says:

    More on Mary White please, like a precis of your dissertation. Fancy the shirts appearing, that is amazing.

  2. Paris Says:

    I don’t know how I feel about that look for mens shirts…. I think it’s better to go conservative when in doubt!

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