Confessions of a lapsed writer

Not content with being a lapsed reader I have now become a confirmed lapsed writer as well.

I love blogland. I feel as though I know so many people. One day we hang out at one person’s blog but then one by one we move on and read and comment on someone elses. Sometimes you bump into the same little clique of people. Sometimes you glimpse someone across a blogpost or on a blogroll that tickles your fancy and you can’t help hanging around their blog for a while. At first you might sit in the corner and just look and listen to see what all the really cool people are talking about. Sometimes you pluck up enough courage to comment with a forceful “Me Too” or similar. You may even forsake your old blog cronies and hang out more with the new crowd dreaming that their lifetstyle is yours. X is so talented building a whole house from a piece of string, a bent paperclip and an old tea towel from a jumble sale. Y manages to ready 30,000 books in an hour and a half, write reviews of them all and make gingwrbread people for her family, run a small business and be an ambassador for the UN. Z has an allotment, 3 goats, is sailing round the world in a coracle whilst gaining the world speed knit record.

So why can’t I do that? Why can’t I manage to read a book in less than a year? Why can’t I manage to post something on this ramshackle blog of mine?  Why can’t my house be completley brilliant white except for a few gingham items artfully put together with my own hands?  Because I am addicted to other people’s blogs and it takes me all my waking hours when I am not at work to read them.  I shoudl sign up to BlogReaders Anonoymous but instead I have “Me Tooed” over at Chuck Westbrook’s blog and committed myself to reading a new blog every 2 weeks. Someone in a white coat please come and take me away.


3 Responses to “Confessions of a lapsed writer”

  1. lolita Says:

    you need to put on your blogroll!!

  2. Dawn Says:

    Still sick sick sick…..but I’m still trying to catch up on blogs and stuff. How about linking to the blogs you check out? That will keep you honest…..

  3. Simon T Says:

    I always love coming to your blog, Ruth – so refreshing. There’s a reason I never post pictures of my house… no brilliant anything, let alone white, to be seen. Reading is my only ability… and I do it to the max!

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