Inspiring Art

obama-1As the show that is the US elections draws to a close I decided to share what could be called a piece of election art with you. One of my newest friends is the talented fiber artistn Dindga McCannon. I met Dindga last year and have been corresponding with her ever since. We met up again this year and she promised to send me pictures of some of her latest commissions.

One commissioning client was so enthusiastic about the chances of democrat Barack Obama becoming the next president of the USA that they commissioned McCannon to make a piece of fiber art to commemorate this charismatic man.

Dindga McCannon decided to create a series of pieces. She told me that when someone commissions a piece of work from a particular artist they are quite often thinking of work that the artist has created in the past. SInce the age of ten, McCannon has been an artist and she explained to me that an artist must not stay still but continually be inspired by people, events and ideas around them. For that reason she designed and made several pieces knowing that the piece the client might expect was unlikely to be the piece that most excited her as an artist.You can learn more about Dindga McCannon here and see a video that features another piece from McCannon’s Barack Obama series.

The result of the election is still unknown but I for one vote Dindga McCannon’s art a winner.


One Response to “Inspiring Art”

  1. lolita Says:

    please america, let it be obama!!

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