Famous Knitting?

jared_gloves-500Just in case you don’t know, the rock star in the photo above is one Jared Leto. “But what is that he is clasping in his right hand”,  I hear you clamour. That, my friends, is a pair of dark blue, slightly tweedy fingerless gloves knitted by this Crafty Person herself.  In an idle moment I had knitted up a pair of these in some of my not inconsiderable stash when MLD (My Little Darling) declared that they would be ideal for Mr Leto. But she couldn’t give him the pair that already existed, he had to have a pair specially knitted for him and then she and he could have the SAME GLOVES!!!  The gloves were handed to Jared by MLD herslf after the EMA’s (European Music Awards) last weekand the weather has certainly been chilly enough to suggest that he might actually need such an accessory, unless he has flown back to California. So if any of you see J wearing these snappy items please report back here. It’s a bit like Spring Watch with Bill Oddie but what we are waiting for is a glimpse of glove!!


4 Responses to “Famous Knitting?”

  1. dovegreyreader Says:

    Oh that’s magnifique! Crafty, Crafty!
    Reminds me of the girl in my class at school who knitted the scarf for James Taylor and posted it to him at Martha’s Vineyard.

  2. Simon T Says:

    Ha! Fame! Though I must say I haven’t heard of him… will watch out for him now.

  3. squeals Says:

    I still haven’t seen him with these since!!
    It’s a shame you didn’t have one of your tags on!

  4. craftypeople Says:

    I suspect he may have given them to some charity

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