Red and Black Recurring


You may remember a while ago that I made MLD (My Little Darling) a red and black quilt. She has a liking for the colours so I decided that, although she has already had her birthday present one month+ in advance, in the shape of a ticket to yet another not to be missed event , that she needed to have one or two things on the actual day. I am proud that I have been organised enough to complete these well on time. No fancy pattern just a “bog standard” toe-down sockand two different colours. I decided to go for the fraternal look – socks that appear to be an exact pair until you look more closely. So each sock was cast on at the cuff with a different colour. The cuff was k2 p2 rib in vertical stripes and then the socks mirrored each other absolutely everywhere EXCEPT that the black-toed one has an extra row of dots just before the toe.


One Response to “Red and Black Recurring”

  1. dovegreyreader Says:

    Utterly perfect, I love them. My next pair of free-rangers are looking a bit strange but hope it will all come good.

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