Spinning into Space

Are you a hoarder, or a chucker? If you are a chucker then I suggest you never come here again because I think chucking must be against my religion. Intellectually I know it is something that must be done but like bungee jumping or parachuting, it’s something I don’t even like to think about.

Nevertheless, occasionally I grit my teeth grasp the frame of the aircraft, whoops, I mean room, walk in or rather hop skip and jump over the piles of detritis and see if there’s any way I can reduce the mass. I had a brainwave yesterday. Instead of chucking I will convert things. You’ve already seen my earth mother shawl, which I suppose was a preliminary attempt at conversion but yesterday I went right back to the raw basics.

fleeceI think I have a few of these (fleeces) scattered around the house. Most of them are safely enclosed in cotton bags so they remain invisible to normal people. This one, still full of oozy orange lanolin is open to view so I decided to disguise it by using my trusty Ashford traditional Spinning Wheel

spinning-wheeland convert the fleece into yarn

yarn-on-bobbin1It was a cunning plan but I forgot that essential ingredient – TIME !!

So far I have managed two bobbins full which actually is only one bobbin, because the singles have to be plied together to make a stronger yarn.  Remember I’ve got a whole sheep in that basket (or its fleece anyway) and Rome wasn’t spun in a day!!

So have I any more space in my house? Of course not. All I’ve done is drag a few things out into the light of day and make more of a mess than there was in the first place.


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