Jurying her Trifles

Reading DoveGreyReader’s blogpost this morning reminded me of Susan Glaspell’s “A Jury of Her Peers” / “Trifles” her short story and play in which the neighbouring women are able to “read” the state of mind of a woman whose husband has been murdered. Looking at the stitches in her patchwork quilt they can see that at one point all was not well. Would it be possible to guess someones state of mind from work they post on their blogs? Will someone guess that the reason I knittted up a couple of shawls in quick succession is because our heating keeps breaking down and I need to wear a shawl on top of a jumper? Or will they deduce that I need comfort and only a shawl can provide that woolly hug?

If someone doesn’t post does that mean they are happy and are enjoying real life so much that they forgot about the virtual world?  Should we read between the lines when all seems sweetness and light and we are invited to read about the perfect home, perfect spouse and perfect children? I was recently brought up with a jolt when I senses something not right in one blog that I regularly read.  Just two sentences suggested that one member of the family would no longer be living in that perfectly-crafted home I wonder if someone will be writing a dissertation based on blog evidence (primary sources?) any day soon.


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