Say Cheese!

2008-dec-27-greg-jamie-celiaJust arrived back from a round trip to Birmingham to see the first born son (in middle). It’s quite an achievement to have all three in the same county at the same time. These days the boys resemble each other, especially in profile, though they never did when they were young. As for MLD (My Little Darling) she just looks more and more like my baby sister, so much so that I wonder if she is my sister’s child, rather than mine.

new-schools-for-allAnd here they all were, 14 years ago in September 1994. One to start school for the first time, the others to start new schools, one junior and one secondary. It’s impossible to get all three smiling at the same time!!


One Response to “Say Cheese!”

  1. Anne Says:

    I can’t see the resemblance at all! Brown eyes/blue eyes dark/blond!

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