Snow pics – no pics

Snow today and no trains or buses so the only way to get to work was to walk the 5-6 miles to work. I’m a lucky girl so that doesn’t mean tramping through city streets. Once I have walked down to old Father Thames then it’s barely a couple of steps till I am in the largest Royal Park complete with deer, heron, Canada Geese and exotic Psitacula krameri (ring-necked parakeet).

Of course I took my camera with me and took loads of pictures of everything I saw including a SNOW DALEK  taller than a man. It was so well-executed. I suspect that it was built my arts students from Kingston University who have a hall of residence across the road. When I arrived at work i wanted to share my delight at this creation with my colleagues so I borrowed my boss’s universal card reader and prepared to download my pics.


Thank you Julie for finding my exact "Kingston Bridge Snow Dalek"
I hope that "Afraid Of Ducks/ Mark Merifield" won't mind me showing you his photo.
I wonder if he made the dalek as well as "shooting" it?

Things don’t always go to plan, do they? I shouldn’t be so reliant on modern technology. I should enjoy what I see and not always think, “Oh take a picture” “put it on my blog”. First of all I thought the computer wasn’t recognising the card it kept asking me if I wanted to format the card. Nooooooo!!!!!!  So I put he card back in the camera and tried to look at the pics on there. But the pics that HAD been there, because i saw at least two of them had DISAPPEARED!!

sob … sob …. sob     so my snow pics have turned into no pics!

I’ve tried searching online for the Kingston Bridge Dalek but the talented people who made it were sensible and enjoyed the process of making their artwork and causing everyone to smile as they crossed the bridge to work. They weren’t as blog/online/web/intenet addicted as some people. If you google “snow dalek” you will find some examples. Snow Daleks are obviously IN. However, you won’t find a snow dalek as impressive as the one I saw this morning.


3 Responses to “Snow pics – no pics”

  1. Julie Says:

    Is this the one?

    Snow Dalek

  2. Simon T Says:

    This is amazing! Such dedication to something which will only last a day or two.

  3. SUZE Says:

    This Dalek was built by my neighbour Stu and his two sons we all live on the houseboats there. Another neighbour Gerry created the stun gun. You can just see the Boatyard sign behind the Dalek. Glad you enjoyed it….Stu carried on creating long after his boys had got cold and gone back into the warm.

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