Exciting News

I’ve just read some exciting news over on Stuck-in-a-Book. Bloomsbury have decided to reprint a selection of early  20th century books.  So in August look out for “Miss Hargreaves” by Frank Baker but make sure you pronounce her name correctly as “Hargraves”, she is very particular about that.  Miss H will be in a batch of 6 with hopefully more to follow. I’ll be sure to grab a copy because my old orange penguin copy is falling apart.


2 Responses to “Exciting News”

  1. dovegreyreader Says:

    Oh yes, this is very exciting, I’ve been involved and made lots of suggestions but sadly have heard today that because of rights issues the book I was going to do a quote for hasn’t made the cut. Very interested to see what the others will be.

  2. Simon T Says:

    Thanks for spreading the word, Ruth! Despite having three copies in various editions, I’m obviously going to snap this one up too. Maybe they’ll even send me one for free…

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