Under the weather

I can’t believe it. I have now been in bed for 7 whole days and am now halfway through my 8th day of incarceration. All that time i haven’t  had any strength at all to do anything include eat or use the computer. Anyone who knows me will find that hard to believe.


3 Responses to “Under the weather”

  1. Harriet Says:

    poor you. get well soon.

  2. dovegreyreader Says:

    Oh Ruth, you poor thing, is this a special version of London fluenza? Keep warm and don’t go out and about until you really feel better. Let them all look after you!

  3. lolita Says:

    you sounded awful on monday and we don’t want to see you back in the office until you are TRULY well. don’t try to be a hero and come in because we don’t want to catch what you have and we certainly don’t want you getting worse!!

    you stay at home and get yourself well for the next three weeks just like the doctor said. period. end of. if i see you in the office, i WILL call a cab and send you back home. i’m not kidding.

    so, make sure your family is looking after you and just rest and get better. xx

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