Buy books here – a great website

listbooksLARGEMaybe I haven’t been desperate enough before but I can’t imagine why  haven’t heard about this website.  It’s called LIST BOOKS and that’s just what it does. The amazing thing is that there is NO CHARGE for listing the books that you want to sell. It was set up by Lee Penney who couldn’t find somewhere to sell his books without having to hand over a hefty commission to the listing website. Normally that would make a website/service extremely clunky and you would probably have to do a lot of work to get your item to appear in a list for sale. The opposite seems true of Lee Penney’s bookselling website. Just type in the ISBN of the book that you want to sell and “hey presto” all the details will appear as if by magic. As well as the basic information, there is a field for DESCRIPTION. This should be used to describe the book, the subject matter or blurb and will be added to any copy that is listed by anyone so should NOT be used to discuss the condition of the book because there is a separate NOTES field for that.

I intend to go on a safari around my house and list books that should be passed onto others. In an ideal world I would generously hand these on to others but in the current economic climate I have to find ways of propping up family finances. This endeavour by an individual may just be a small step to help me on my way.


One Response to “Buy books here – a great website”

  1. Harriet Says:

    This is brilliant — just what I need. Thanks so much!

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