Advice Noted – Timoloen Vieta has been allowed to stay


Following Harriet‘s advice to persevere with the, on the whole, delightful book Timoleon Vieta Come Home I find that I can’t put it down. To start with the book is a joy to hold. My version is a paperback, published by Canongate. The cover is enchanting, the paper ever-so slightly rough and faintly yellowed. The typeface and spacing of the letter and lines are so gentle on the eyes  and the margins all round are of ample proportions. There is the added delight of a hand-scribbled portrait of Timoleon Vieta.

I have just passed the halfway mark and am into Part Two,which for a lover of short stories, which I most certainly am, is an unexpected bonus. Our hero, Timoleon Vieta, briefly touches the lives of those he meets, and about who we read, and then moves on.

So more than just persevering I am thoroughly enjoying this book but will reiterate my caveat about some of the content so please do not think it is a delightful doggy story for children! So sweeping my prudery aside I shall recommend Timoleon Vieta Come Home to all and sundry – well as long as they are over eighteen.


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