Love Poem?

I guess tonight’s
is going
a disappointment
compared with last night.

We didn’t decide
before you
went to work.

Beans on toast?

This is a poem (under your rules) but I don’t know it.

My other half has been in the role of househusband for quite a few months. Almost 28 years after our wedding and with no domicile children  we  now spend more time with just the two of us than at any time previously. We have just been on holiday together, and realised when we came back, that other than a few minutes in the bathroom, we spent the whole week practically joined at the hip.

Recent topics of conversation have included “what is poetry” and, mainly due to lack of funds, “what shall we have for dinner tonight?”

Yesterday at work, I received an email from my beloved that combined both those subjects. To those of you who regularly receive huge bouquets of red roses and flagons of scented substances those few words may not seem like much but coming from my outwardly unromantic old man those same few words were worth waiting for!


2 Responses to “Love Poem?”

  1. dovegreyreader Says:

    That brought a tear to my eye, bless him x

  2. Love Poem? Says:

    […] Love Poem? […]

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