These Boots are Made for Nordic Walking

Today (Saturday) is my third time with the Nordic Walking group that I have just joined. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, telling yourself it is something that would be a good idea and then you don’t actually do anything. Finally I dropped an email to one of the instructors and that was it, I was on the end of his line and somehow there was no way I could wriggle off.

Nordic walking was developed by cross-country skiers who wanted to keep up training through the summer months to maintain their fitness.  You walk with specially designed poles which take some of the weight of your body off your knees and legs. Your upper body gets a cardio-vascular workout as you walk. Can’t be bad.

The group walks in Bushy Park, the second largest Royal Park. The park is right beside Hampton Court and was a hunting ground for Henry VIII although allegedly there was a settlement there as long ago as 4,000 years. As well as the herds of deer and other various wildlife a large proportion of the local population seems to be out there running, walking the dog or just ambling around the woodland gardens with small lively children or elderly relatives.

So, a walk in the open air, a chat with new people and healthy exercise all combined in one activity.




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