Sound cue

“Goodbye then and have a good day” was all he said but the voice he said it with resonated deep in his chest and with the passionate inflections peculiar to the Welsh people.

I was transported back more than forty years. The extended family gathered around a battered upright piano, my Mamgee vamping out the chords while Gramp provided the vocals in his approximation of a performance by a concert singer. “Bless this house, O Lord we pray, make it safe by night …. anddd   d  a  y”, he hammed. “Sh Jim, sh” calmed Mamgee, ever the one to preserve propriety.


3 Responses to “Sound cue”

  1. anneholloway Says:

    ahh yes – and not to forget the fact she considered it polite to eat everything with a spoon if possible “what, even soup?” we would ask

  2. craftypeople Says:

    Errr.. did you mean to type “fork” instead of “spoon”?

  3. anneholloway Says:

    yes – I did – what an idiot – good job you read your comments!

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